Monday, October 9, 2017

 by Soman

ERP implementation has entered its peak season whereby involvement from Leopad team increased. New implementation partner has revised the project schedule and maneuvering the project back to the track. There will be no changes to planned ‘Go-Live’ date. New consultants mobilized by implementation partner for Project, Human Resources and technical support. They have started to conduct pre-study, prepare SDD and training. Leopad project team has scheduled sessions continuously for relevant modules to catch up the schedule.

Apart from Project and HR module, SDD review also actively being carried out by super users. Process owners conducted Internal reviews and inter-department discussions pertaining SDD & process flows. Distribution module SDD was first SDD being approved by Steering Committee (SC). The process owners with his team and other departments did detailed discussions throughout month of September. Process owner presented the SDD key elements to SC for approval. SC has approved Distribution SDD with some Opportunities For Improvement (OFI) comments. Distribution SDD approval is one of the important milestone that Leopad team has achieved.  I would like to congratulate and thank all involved in this SDD approval process.

Data gathering is one of the most integral factors in successful ERP implementation. However, studies show that many organizations have underestimated this task that led to the failure of implementation. Data gathering and cleansing is important to ensure accurate and complete master data is available for completing testing process. Without complete master data, business process flow cannot be tested completely. Data gathering and cleansing involves: -

  •          Convert data
  •         Collect new data
  •         Review all data input
  •         Clean-up data

Users cannot assume that 100% of the data can be converted, as there may be outdated information in current system. Users need to determine which information should be converted through an analysis of current data. Users also need to identify new data need to collected and source of the data. Implementation partner will provide a data collection template for this purpose. Review and cleaning up data to be done by users in order to ensure correct required data migrated to ERP environment.

Apart from data collection, many other tasks to be done in coming months. Post ERP roles and responsibilities to be discussed with entire Leopad management team. Application Solution Test expected to be carried out in late October. Therefore, continuous support required from entire team required in order to complete scheduled task on time.

Lets Make it Happen. 

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