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Friday, February 10, 2012

New Year Message from The Managing Director's Desk

A message from our Managing Director, Mr. Jega
Date: 1.2.2012

I would like to greet everyone a very happy new year! On behalf of Leopad Group, I am wishing you all the best as we begin another journey of challenges, victories, lessons and changes in the year ahead.

My 2012 resolution I have for Leopad Group is to steer our company to another level. I have plans for restructuring and transforming this corporation to become a listed company, an organization of which we can be truly proud.

Without support from employees from all levels and team work, it is difficult to create a good working environment. Business environment requires total unity and commitment from our workforce. We can create new system but it is crucial that our entire company acts together, as one, so that we can move swiftly and boldly. I seek your understanding and cooperation as we work together to steer Leopad to another level and accept challenges.

2012 is going to be a challenging year,  the seriousness of the on-going global economic upheaval should not be underestimated.  Problems in individual countries rapidly spread across the world, vividly showing how the global economy has become interconnected and borderless. There are clear signs that the Global is heading for recession. We will take necessary precautions to overcome this crisis and I call on all the companies under Leopad Group umbrella to strengthen mutual cooperation to enable all of us to move ahead with globalization and achieve outcomes more efficiently.

Good  Working environment leads us to safe working culture. Each workplace needs to strengthen its operations and must take the initiative to ensure discipline and organization-wide compliance to ensure a safe environment.

To position myself as a leader, I have prepared my foundation 3-4 months ago. The changes introduced is not an overnight decision but careful study was done and prepared few months ago. This changes introduced in the company will take Leopad to another height.

With the past as our benchmark, we now will pursue even higher levels of responsible corporate activity based on a proper understanding and implementation of rules in each workplace.

For us to ascend to the next stage, we must demonstrate the will to transform our organization into a group that is truly adapted to the new era. There will be drastic changes in our organization. The most difficult task is taking our company to IPO (Public Listing). There is a stringent requirement for IPO.

Changes in the company is going to be rapid and  continuous and you been a part of the workforce, should upgrade yourself and expand your  knowledge to perform with excellence for yourself and to take new challenges in this organization.

 In closing, it is crucial that our company environment requires total honesty, transparency,  unity and commitment to act together as one so that we can move swiftly and boldly to achieve Leopad’s vision in IPO. 

With Best Wishes

Jega R.
Managing Director

Saturday, February 4, 2012


by: Magendran R
     GSHE Manager

Safety and Health standards of Leopad Group of companies are the basic foundation of our business principles.  We will be judged by our performance and our reputation will be upheld if every employee act in accordance with the legal requirements and ethical standards of our business.

It is now necessary to provide our employees a basic ‘ Code Of Safety & Health ‘ ( COSH ) practices which will assist on the universal standards of Behavioural Safety that we expect.  This code of practices is based on our beliefs and values, and is applicable to our everyday business.  This is also to back up our clients’ similar rules, such as Petronas ‘ Zeto Rules ‘, Shell ‘ 12 Life Saving Rules ‘ etc,. This is our commitment to all our clients by supporting and re-affirming their rules.  Every employee in Leopad Group must follow this code of practices and we want concerns to be raised during meetings and tool box talks.  If you think the code of practices has been broken by anyone in Leopad you have a responsibility to report it.

Leopad Group’s reputation and our future success are also dependent on compliance to this Code of Safety & Health ( COSH ) practices.  Reputation for integrity is a priceless asset.  This COSH practices is another commitment to integrity for all of us and will assist us to safeguard that asset.

Happy Deepavali

The festival of light is here! May you be the happiest and may love be always with you. Happy Deepavali!