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Leopad Group commitment to  employees  safety and health is our highest company value, and our Top Management and employees involvement has been the foundation of our success in our improved performance over the last few years. From our Top Management to our line supervisors, visible and consistent commitment to safety and health has made a significant impact. We have taken on increased responsibility and accountability in Safety and Health, and our journey to an accident or incident free workplace is a continuous  one. 

One measure we use to monitor our Safety and Health performance,  compliance to regulatory and the company’s requirements,  is by conducting frequent workplace audits. Our standard requires that all incidents be reported, recorded and investigated, based on the type and severity of the incident.  Root causes must be identified and action taken to prevent recurrence.  Our Safety and Health Management  System  enables  us to report incidents, track the progress of corrective actions, analyze the trends and identify potential  risks to Safety and Health.  A tracking format is now implemented and  practiced  ( see below).   We collect and analyze information on:

-          -   Unsafe acts
-          - Unsafe conditions
-          - PPE non-compliance
-          - Near miss
-          - Scaffold Standards
-          - Equipment /Hand Tools
-          - Material Conditions
   - Housekeeping 

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Happy Deepavali

The festival of light is here! May you be the happiest and may love be always with you. Happy Deepavali!