Monday, August 17, 2009

Leopad HQ Friendly Bowling Get Together.

Leopad Group Bowling (HQ)

HQ employees has successfully organised an innagural bowling tournament, which was recently held at The Summit, Subang Jaya Bowling Centre on 15 August 2009 from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

A total of 7 teams participated with full of fun and joy during the event. Below are the result after a very close fight among the teams:

Team Event Winners:

  1. Zorro (Mr. Dines, Mr. Jay, Mr. Shamala, Ms. Norazlina)
  2. Rising Hero (Mr. Fayzul, Mr. Viswan, Ms. Jaya, Ms. Latha)
  3. Ultraman (Mr. Sunderaj, Mr. Selvanathan, Mr. Anand, Ms.. Menaga)

Best Bowlers:

  1. Mr. Fayzul (Rising Hero) - Male Category
  2. Ms. Norazlina (Zorro) - Female Category

Each winners received prizes worth of food vouchers from our Director, Mr. Jega, who also participated in that event.

Photos can be viewed at:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

H1N1 Prevention

Source: Internet.

Natural Prevention: Swine Flu / H1N1 Virus

In this Article:

  • The HiNi Virus
  • Three steps of prevention: Avoid, Strengthen and Defend

Swine Flue: H1N1 VirusEveryone is concerned with the spread of the H1N1 influenza virus known as Swine Flu. This virus is technically not the Swine Flu but a new virus that combines four strains of existing viruses. The new virus, named influenza A subtype H1N1, is made up of one strain of human influenza, one strain if avian influenza and two separate strains of swine influenza. The origins are unknown but as yet the only cases have been reported in humans. There are no reports (at this writing) of the virus in pigs.

The reason it has pandemic implications is because it passes easily from human to human and mutates quickly. When a new virus first presents itself the symptoms are usually mild and easily overcome. However with each mutation the virus gets smarter and harder for our immune system to handle. The last time a similar strain reached pandemic proportions was in 1918 and was called the Spanish Flu (again a misnomer). 20-50 million deaths are suspected to have been caused by this outbreak.

Right now there are no vaccines that fully protect against H1N1. The World Health Organization considers it essential that this virus be contained. Our actions and choices make the difference between this being possible or not.

Three Steps to PreventionFortunately there are many natural ways to reduce your susceptibility to the virus or to help you fight the flu if you get it. Don’t wait: Now is the time for prevention.

Keep in mind that these suggestions are not guaranteed. Some things work for some people but not others. Also, if you take medications or are pregnant, check with your doctor before taking any additional supplements.

AVOID: The best way to avoid the flu is not to have contact with it. We’ve all heard these suggestions, but they’re so important they bear repeating. Stay away from crowds, coughing people, and infected regions. Don’t travel to areas where the flu is present or suspected. The flu spreads by respiratory droplets that contact mucous membranes. Wash your hands often and try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.If you are in an infected area surgical masks may help reduce your exposure.

If you have the flu, wearing the mask will reduce the liklihood of spreading it. Not all masks filter viruses. The best one to use is the N95. You can obtain these at the following website.

The virus can live on surfaces for several hours so be careful what you touch, especially other people’s hands and door handles. If you work in a public place use a towel to cover door handles when you open doors. If you own a public business wash your door handles on a regular basis.

Once contracted, the incubation period is 3 days during which time you have no symptoms but can still spread the virus. If you contacted someone you suspect had the flu, stay home for three days or avoid close contact with other people during this time.

STRENGTHEN: The healthier you are the better your system can fight.

• MULTI VITAMIN ----- Eat whole, real food, get plenty of sleep and exercise, drink plenty of pure water, and take a multi-vitamin daily.

• Phyto-nutrients provide important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting. Eat richly coloured fruits and vegetables.

• Here are some supplements to strengthen your immune system.Vitamin C – your dose will depend on your overall health and other supplements you are taking. A rule of thumb is between 2,000 and 5,000 mg.

Garlic Concentrate: Garlic is a great antimicrobial, including antiviral. You can eat garlic bulbs but its hard on the stomach and breath. A better alternative are garlic concentrates.

More immune enhancing ideas:

o Gargle with lemon water: The virus colonizes in mucus membranes. Flushing often with an astringent is a good preventive measure. Take one tablespoon of lemon and mix it with half a cup of water. Gargle liberally.

o Stress undermines your immune system. Stress is a natural response to challenge. Try stress management techniques, meditation, yoga, relaxation and other methods to reduce your stress response and handle challenge more easily.

o Hydrotherapy has long been used to stimulate the immune system. Try alternating hot and cold water in your shower. Start with hot for several minutes and then switch to cold for at least a minute. Alternate three times. Some naturopaths offer constitutional hydrotherapy treatments and I recommend them for their ability to stimulate a more powerful immune response.

o The best immune strengthener is a positive attitude. Focus on what you love, not what you fear.

DEFEND: If you’ve contracted the flu, defend yourself with strong immune activators.

Echinacea ------ is popularly believed to be an immunostimulator, stimulating the body's non-specific immune system and warding off infections.

Happy Deepavali

The festival of light is here! May you be the happiest and may love be always with you. Happy Deepavali!