Wednesday, October 4, 2017

by Soman

Dear Team,

Solution Design Documentation (SDD) started to be submitted by consultants in the month of August. Process owners started the review of SDD with their key personnel. Review team must wet through entire SDD and identify the gaps. Mainly, review team must ensure all the scenarios covered in the SDD. After completion of first level of review, Process owners will present the SDD to other relevant parties. Discussions will take place regarding the cross function areas. Process owners will present the core item to steering committee (SC) prior to the approval. SDD approval expected to be completed by end of October 2017.

Flowchart preparation

Process owners have begun to prepare their flowcharts in the month of August. Level 1 flow presented to SC and all process owners. Process owners are preparing Level 2 and 3 flows of their processes. Level 2 and 3 flow charts will be presented to core team for further detailed discussions.

Branch Involvement

As we are going to start AST, branch involvement in ERP implementation will be increasing. Data collections, sanitizations and migrating to pre-production server need to be done in order to prepare for AST & CST. Branch managers and Head of Departments are also required to define the roles of their work force post ERP implementation.
Therefore, BM’s and HOD’s will be involved in more discussions and brainstorming sessions from now onwards.

Process owners will be requesting informations such as customer and supplier details at branch level. End users are required to test these data’s during CST. As Leopad adapting digital transformation, more online meetings will be conducted which helps all relevant parties attending the meetings and also reduce travels.

Top Management Briefing

CEO has briefed the core team regularly latest updates on the project. CEO also stressed that all core team members required to allocate 80% of their time in ERP in order to ensure project completion on-time. CEO also requested fullest commitment from all parties towards successful implementation of ERP.

“Lets Make It Happen”

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