Friday, September 8, 2017


by Soman

Dear Team,

Our journey continues in the next phase of ERP implementation. Solution Design Documentation (SDD) is the heart of the ERP. SDD includes information about the working elements of the overall solution, including IFS standard features, gaps and integrations. It is very important to get the entire solution depicted in a pictorial representation.

Objectives of the SDD

The details of the business flow in the future solution based on IFS and JOIN

Solution validation

The single point of reference for future value additions, issues and troubleshooting

Documenting the high level

Business and solution flow diagrams 

SDD documents submission by the consultants expected to be completed by 18/08/17. A walkthrough session is arranged with key users to explain SDD processing methods. SDD reviewing and acceptance process expected to be completed by mid of September 2017. Application Solution Testing (AST) will follow through right after the SDD acceptance. Key users will verify their processes in the system based on the SDD documents.

Bidding Logbook

After several discussion, JOIN, a partner software of IFS, has developed a solution for bidding logbook (bid log). Estimation and Proposal Department (EPD) team is currently testing the bid log by entering live data for past one month. Both consultant and EPD are continuously troubleshooting and upgrading the solution before release to the key users. Solution is expected to be ready for release in the month of September 2017. On behalf of management, highest appreciation to EPD team contribution and continuous support in testing this solution.

Work Breakdown Structure

We are also started to set up the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for all project scopes. This process require numerous brainstorming sessions with process experts, process owners, QMD and Finance. Leopad Group’s current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be absorbed as WBS with relevant changes. This team also will discuss and propose both digital and manual reporting for Steering Committee approval. Approved WBS will be tested during AST and UAT.

WBS brainstorming session on weekends

Many decision pertaining policies and processes will be made during SDD & AST by Process Owners and Steering Committee. Therefore, highest commitment and cooperation required from all team members required during meetings, trainings and brainstorming sessions. Many thanks for your support and see you next month.

Lets Make It Happen”


by Soman

Dear Team,

We are crossing the half year mark today for year 2017. As at today, we have travelled 9 months journey of ERP Implementation process. Data gathering, basic trainings, cross functions and gap analysis activities have been carried out throughout this period. We will be entering another important phase which Application Solution Testing (AST) and User Acceptance Test (UAT). We have many more tasks to be completed before the AST internally. Deciding the requirements and setting up the basic data must be done upfront in order to ensure smooth AST. Process owners are required to conduct more internal discussions and prepare the proposals for Steering Committee’s review. 

Process owners and few key members were only involved during first half of the implementation process. During second half, members from all branches, business units and departments will be involved to test the process flow. More testing sessions will be carried out from July onwards until “Go- Live” stage. Key personnel from all branches, business units and departments need to attend this session to test and verify the process flow. Process owners will conduct trainings for all the key personnel related to their processes.

Apart from this, Group ICT department will also closely liaise with branches pertaining enhancement of ICT infrastructure. They have completed their survey and will discuss the solutions with branch managements.

As mentioned during the ERP launch meeting, the entire Leopad Group will be going through a huge transformation (change management). This transformation will be the main platform to prepare and Leopad Group in adapting digital economy in the near future and also achieving Leopad Vision 2022.

The journey towards digitalized world requires fullest cooperation and commitment from entire members of Leopad Group. Your continuous support will ensure the progress to the greater level. On behalf of Steering Committee, I would like to thank all for your contributions till to date and hoping for the continuous support until we “Go-Live”.

“Lets Make It Happen”

Happy Deepavali

The festival of light is here! May you be the happiest and may love be always with you. Happy Deepavali!