Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Be aware of people waiting for the lift or are in the lift
If you find yourself alone with a suspicious stranger while waiting for the lift, let the person go first and wait for another lift.
Similarly, always look into the lift before you get in.
If there’s someone who appears unsafe, avoid getting in and wait for the next lift.
But if you are already in an empty lift and a suspicious-looking person entered, try to get off on that level.
It’s always best to trust your instincts!
Stand near the control panel
When you enter the lift, stand next to the control panel near the door, so that you can push the alarm button or the next floor button if you suspect trouble or are attacked.
It’s also advisable to stand in the lift with your back to the wall to avoid surprise attack from behind.
Keep your radar up
Be fully conscious about who and what is around you.
Strictly avoid browsing through your phone, fumbling through your bag, daydreaming or not paying attention to your surroundings.
It would also be helpful to project confidence with eye contact and body language.
Psychologically, this would hint them that you are not an easy target.
Keep your valuables away from other occupants
If you are carrying a purse, handbag or briefcase, hold it tight and keep it away from other occupants.
It’s also best to stand on the side and hold the bag towards the wall to avoid being the victim of snatchers.
Be ready to respond and defend yourself
If you are attacked or groped, you have to immediately respond by defending yourself, putting up a fight or try to escape depending on the situation.
If the perpetrator is armed and clearly just wants your valuable, it’s best to give the robber what he/she wants rather than putting your life at risk.
If you are attacked, try to self-defend and press the alarm and as many button as possible to get the lift stop.
Loudly call for “help” and try to gain attention, which makes most assailants panic and escape.

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